Signals and Lights

Electrans has shaped an extensive experience in the development of Signals and Lights in different areas such as Railway, Subway and Trams. More than 4000 Signals with LED technology in safety facilities in service.

Main features

  • Safety Integrity Level SIL-4, designed according to CENELEC standards.
  • LED technology with high reliability and availability.
  • Direct integration with electronic and electrical interlockings.
  • High flexibility and easy composition of any Signal according to specific applications and customer requirements (number and color of aspects, position on the post and brightness level).
  • Easy adjustment of the position and Signal orientation in the installation process.
  • Option for Day/Night mode and early-warning fail.
  • Possibility of multiple aspects, alphanumeric and symbols.


LED technology used in Electrans lights gave them a high reliability and availability, with a theoretical MTBF bigger than 1.500.000h and a MTTR smaller than 15 minutes, with a SIL-4 safety integrity level. More than 22.000 LED Lights in service in Train, Metro and Tram applications. Developed with the objective to achieve:

  • Easy adaptation to specific customer applications.
  • Mechanically compatible with any body sign.
  • Integration in electrical and electronic interlockings.

Electrans lights with brightness levels of up to 600Cd are available in different chromatic options, allowing to present standard or alphanumeric symbols.


Electrans LED lights are designed to present any required signalling lighting aspects in railway, metro and tram applications, with high flexibility and easy composition of any signal.

Designed to achieve a high robustness and availability, and virtual maintenance free thanks to their high reliable components.

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