Company History

From 2010 onwards

2013 International consolidation of the internationalization process: Supply of level crossing protection systems: Cuba, Denmark, Turkey and Spain. Supply of railway Interlocking systems: Brazil and Spain. Award to supply the Singalling equipment for Medellin Tram. Supply and Installation of LED technology signals: Brazil, Singapore, Turkey, Portugal and Spain.

2012 Homologation and Certification SIL-4 approval and certification of LED lights for Signal: LD-120-P, LD-120-PC, LD-140-PC, LD-160-PC and LEDVAR.

2011 Homologation and Certification SIL-4 approval and certification of the new level crossing protection system: EE-5000. Project complete of Zaragoza Tram Signalling System (with more than 5 International Awards).

During the 2000s

2005 Approval and installation of ENCETRANS Interlockings with several levels o implementation: railway, tram and docking stations with Control Traffic Room System, SIGMA.

2004 Certification and supply of LED lights for Spanish High Speed Lines, AVE.

2003 Certification and supply of LED lights for Metro line and level crossing road signals. Certification and introduction to the Spanish market of the Digital Axle Counter DEF-97 for Signalling and level crossing protection systems.

During the 1990s

1998 Certification and introduction to the Spanish market of the Obstacle Detection System in Level Crossings Systems, by inductive loop technology.

1997 Installation and commissioning of the first Centralized data-logger for level crossings TRACER, improving maintenance capability of the system.

1993 Spanish Railway Administration certificate the Vital Computer System ME-4000 for level crossing protection based on Acoustic and Lighting Signals.

1990 Spanish Railway Administration certificate the data-logger box (black box) for level crossing protection systems. The system is installed gradually in its assets.

During the 1980s and 1970s

1987 RENFE Certification of the Level Crossing Protection Systems with barrier booms. The new system are gradually installed in non-protected level crossings. FO-VAR signals are introduced in the Spanish market.

1983 Implementation of the first FAIL-SAFE electronic system circuit FAIL-SAFE for level crossing protection.

1981 The electronic Train Detection DEF-81 is developed for the replacement of mechanical detection in blocking systems and level crossings.

1979 Commissioning of the first junction-less track circuit in Spain.

1978 Design and manufacture of the first level crossing systems in Spain. It begins the protection of level crossings in Spain independent of human factor procedures.